31 March 2020

The Silver Elevator developed the antiviral elevator sterilization system

The pandemic viruses, such as swine influenza or COVID-19 actively propagate in confined areas, and elevators used in public buildings, unfortunately, become the infection "carriers".

At the beginning of 2020 the South Korean company Silver Elevator, a participant of Russian Elevator Week, the International Exhibition of elevators and lifting equipment, launched a new automated antiviral sterilization system ASEL that can kill completely the microbes contained in the air or deposited on the walls.

The system is installed on the ceiling of the elevator cabin and consists of four filters: coal, plasma, antibacterial and neural, which get rid of the micro dust, as well as a UV filter. The system is equipped with intellectual detector containing the sensors of temperature, motion, pressure, humidity, and a video camera. Using the computer software, it independently detects the necessity for sterilization and conducts it in non-operating hours, i.e. in the absence of passengers.

Recently, the elevators equipped with such a disinfection system have appeared in Russia. These elevators are produced by the Lift Modern, a group of companies based in Tyumen. Oleg Salnikov, director of LLC Lift Modern, said to the information agency Tyumnet Line, the first three cabins equipped with ASEL sterilization system will be installed in a public building of one of the city organizations in April. The contracts for delivery of 12 more such cabins by July have been already signed.

Accrding to materials of: t-l.ru