Russia, Moscow, VDNH, Pavilion 75
03 June 2020

Euroliftmash has suggested a solution for restoration of elevators across the country

The capabilities of the production site located in 8 km from Moscow are completely prepared for supplies of the elevator equipment within the framework of the large-scale projects: "Housing and urban environment" and regional programs for overhaul of apartment buildings.

Euroliftmash, the modern production plant located in Moscow region, is ready to participate in the pilot tests of the new system for direct supplies of the elevator equipment to the state. The initiation of an experiment within the framework of the regional programs for overhaul of apartment buildings and national project "Housing and urban environment" is discussed in the Russian government.

“The plant values the reputation of a reliable supplier and is capable to prove the competitiveness of its products and services in any suggested conditions of the state market regulation," - said Nikolai Bogdanov, Director General of LLC PA Euroliftmash.

Euroliftmash is one of those who started to produce the first Russian elevators as an alternative to obsolete equipment that "Soviet" enterprises by inertia continued to supply to residential houses. The new market products were characterized by reliability, high safety functionality, ease of operation, quiet operation, smooth running and stopping accuracy, easy installation and simplicity of maintenance.

A bit later, the plant located near Moscow developed a series of Lite models intended specifically for the overhaul program. The plant engineers managed to elaborate a design that allows to install the cabin in all  model elevator wells existing in Russia along with maximization of the usable area. That provided an opportunity to make the cabin bigger and, accordingly, increase the personal space for the passengers. The emphasis in interior aesthetics was made to moderate minimalism, a harmony of form, color and light, quality and practicability of finishing materials, rational layout of each elevator control module. The comfort class models, Standard, are selected more and more frequently for the residential houses, where the overhaul takes place. The technical parameters and aesthetic properties of the model line meet parameters of the elevators of middle or even  premiere class, but the target cost figures allow the company to offer customers a competitive price.

The quality of the elevators produced in accordance with European technologies at high-precision equipment became a breakthrough news for the customers, specialists, residents of apartment buildings. Over its history the plant has produced more than 7 thousand elevators, of which 3.7 thousand for the overhaul programs.

The plant maintains its reputation: its products are not inferior to foreign analogues neither in terms of aesthetic nor in performance parameters. And it is no coincidence that the company is in the register of qualified contractors for more than 70 constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The Commission on elevator park issues of the Public Council under the Ministry of Construction of Russia points out four the most active participants in the overhaul program. This list includes the leading suppliers and Euroliftmash is among them. The equipment of the Production Association in demanded in all Russian regions, as well as in Kazakhstan and other CIS countries. It is planned to enter the market of Eastern Europe.

The participation in large-scale socially desirable projects is of extreme importance for PA Euroliftmash, since the plant professional team is motivated to address the issue of recovery of the elevators park in the country . The effective interaction with the state is a key point that will determine, what elevators will be in the houses across Russia.

“The experience shows that the best result is achieved in the framework of equal partnership. Its ultimate goal is creation of a comfort territory in the residential houses of the modern Russian cities, where people feel safe and secure. An element of such a space is our elevators, modern, meeting the international safety standards, easy to install, trouble-free in operation and at the same time affordable, "- Nikolai Bogdanov said.

The Zero-hour will come in 2025. By this year Russia should get a completely revamped park of elevators. According to the technical regulations all machinery with expired lifetime of 25 years should be decommissioned. The replacement market is large and promising. According to the National Elevators Union (NEU), 43.3 thousand elevators were put into operation in 2019. A bit less than half of these elevators (17 thousand) were installed in the residential houses in the framework of the overhaul program. The total demand for elevators in 2025 can grow up to 60 thousand units. NEU suggested to include the program of elevators replacement in the apartment buildings in the national project "Housing and urban environment." The Ministry of Industry supports this initiative. According to the estimations of the Ministry of Construction, the entire program will need about 150-200 billion rubles.

Another significant event is to take place by the end of 2024: the government plans to complete all works under the project "Housing and urban environment." About 30 million families are expected to move into the modern comfortable accommodations. For these expectations to become a reality it is necessary to complete the construction of 120 million square meters. m of residential areas annually. The cost of the project exceeds 1 trillion rubles. The construction is an expensive and large-scale. The developers must be provided with all necessary things: construction materials, cranes, other machinery, including the elevators. Moreover, taking into account the policy of import substitution all these thing must be of Russian origin.

The executive authorities are going to make the construction equipment market to be a truly modern, which stipulates the introduction of new materials, advanced technologies, abandoning the obsolete solutions. The elevator industry is also waiting for a big change. That was emphasized in February 2019, at a meeting on development of industrial production required for implementation of the national project "Housing and urban environment", which was held on the territory of Scherbinka Elevators Production Plant by the then Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

The key essence of the anticipated reforms are outlined in the instruction of the Government of 05.02.2019 No. DM-P9-7pr. First of all, the government announced its intention to terminate the purchase of the equipment from the installation companies, now the stake is made to the direct purchases from the manufacturers. The suggestion to refocus the regional operators, i.e. the overhaul funds, to transition to the new system is currently discussed in the Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Construction and the State Corporation JSC Dom.RF.

This requires to make an appropriate amendment to the Ordinance of the Government of July 1, 2016 № 615. Next, starting from January 2021 in several pilot regions it is planned to test the direct equipment procurement system from the elevator manufacturers and, if successful, to extend this practice everywhere.

The suggestions on restructuring the industry are not limited to the new procurement system. The Cabinet of Ministers is not against the consolidation, creation of "a single strong hand" in the form of the flagship in production, and in the future, in installation and maintenance of elevators. Several companies, mainly those with public roots, are in the queue for the tickets to the elite club of the consolidation flagships.

Future of the new generation plants

The future of the new generation of the elevator production plants is out of the brackets in the suggestions of the federal center. Production Association Euroliftmash is a bright representative of this generation. Such companies, mobile, resistant to external economic challenges, operating without any financial support from the state, were founded by professional teams at the expense of private investments. Today, these companies substantially change both the process of production, and the global balance of powers in the elevator sector.

Euroliftmash is in the top three leaders of national elevator manufacturers in the top five of all vendors (including those with foreign capital) of elevators in Russia. A modern plant is a core production site of a fundamentally new elevator industry in Moscow region. Increasing the production capabilities, applying the innovative technology, high-precision equipment, modern management solutions, the company is rapidly approaching the strategic targets: creation of smart-production, the plant of the future. Development in Russia such of production companies aimed at intellectual products thanks to the transition to breakthrough automation and digitization systems will mean a new era in the elevators industry.

While the government is discussing the decisions, how to upgrade the elevator industry using new materials and advanced technologies, there is a truly modern plant in 8 km from Moscow, where all this has long been successfully implemented for  production of elevators with high performance parameters and competitive price-performance ratio.

Euroliftmash produces a wide range of passenger elevators: equipped with upper machine room or without it, with lifting capacity of 400, 630, 1000, 1275, 1600 and 2000 kg, and speed to 2.0 m/s. The models of lifting capacities in 630 and 1000 kg are available for people with limited mobility.

The new developments are elaborated in the design office, the production is equipped with intelligent machines and automated lines from leading world manufacturers. PA Euroliftmash possesses a testing tower, where the elevators, assemblies, components and individual elements are tested prior to transfer into a serial production. The plant is focused on replacement of the imports with own products. As a result, the cost of the components from foreign suppliers does not exceed 25% of the total elevator price. 23 dealer centers in different regions of Russia actively cooperate with the plant.

Insofar, the production capabilities of the plant are not loaded to the full extent. The plant produces about 2 thousand elevators annually, but it is capable to increase the production scope to 3.5 thousand elevators per year. If there is a demand. The unique potential allows the team of Euroliftmash to expect the continuation of the supplies for large-scale social projects, including such as "Housing and urban environment" and regional overhaul programs.