27 July 2020

The overhaul state support program can be supplemented with replacement of elevators

The Ministry of Construction, Housing and Communal Services suggests to expand the overhaul program by incorporating in it the replacement of old elevators in apartment buildings. The corresponding draft of the Ordinance of the Russian Government has been published on the portal of the federal draft laws and regulations. 

The explanatory memorandum notes, that the project is aimed at implementing the accelerated replacement of the elevator equipment within the framework of the overhaul activities, "including the application of the mechanism for subsidizing the interest by lease agreement" signed with respect to such equipment.

In particular, the financial support could be directed to partial reimbursement of the costs under the lease agreements for elevators with expired service life, factoring contracts in assignment of rights to the contract for replacement of old elevators, as well as to partial reimbursement of the costs incurred at the expense of regional or local budgets.

“The financial support in case of borrowings (under credit contracts, leasing and factoring contracts) is provided in the amount of the cost of the funding involvement for the entire duration of the contract, but maximum for 7 years, on the basis of the key interest rate of the Bank of Russia increased by 3 percentage points," the developers note.

The amount of the financial support is also limited. For example, in case of partial reimbursement of the costs incurred at the expense of the budget for the replacement of elevators, it will not exceed 50 percent of the expenses. In this case, this amount should not exceed 750 thousand rubles for each elevator.

According to the document, such financial support will be provided only after the elevator commissioning. The program envisages the installation of the elevators produced in Russia only and specified with high energy efficiency properties.
In addition, the project suggests the simplification of the mechanism for providing the support to the energy-efficient overhaul. Inter alia, a number of requirements to apartment buildings claiming the support are excluded. The period for submission of the documents confirming the overhaul completion is extended. 

“The provision of financial support is anticipated to be carried out at the expense of the balance of the funds of the property contribution of the Russian Federation to the Fund for overhaul of common property in apartment buildings in the amount of 0,73 billion rubles," the explanation says.

Source: www.pnp.ru