30 July 2020

Regions can receive 50% compensation for replacement of old elevator systems

Housing and Utilities Reform Fund suggested to compensate the regions 50% of funds allocated for replacement of old elevator systems during the overhaul in apartment buildings, said Konstantine Tsitsin, Director General of the State Corporation - Housing and Utilities Reform Fund, during his visit to said during his visit to Adygea.

“According to the elevator equipment replacement program we are drafting the amendments to the relevant documents. Today we can only compensate the interest rate on loans taken by the appropriate organizations. But we have a suggestion to compensate 50% for the cost of the equipment that will be installed in place of old  elevators with expired lifetime," Tsitsin said at the meeting in the Republican House of Government, where the parties discussed the interaction between the Government of Adygea and Housing and Utilities Reform Fund.

Vladimir Yakushev, the Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities of Russia previously reported that the national economic recovery plan envisages the allocation of 1.5 billion rubles to subsidize the interest rates on loans taken out to replace the old elevator systems. The Ministry has developed a draft of the Governmental Ordinance, which envisages that the financial support could be directed to partial reimbursement of the costs under the lease agreements for elevators with expired service life, factoring contracts in assignment of rights to the contract for replacement of old elevators, as well as to partial reimbursement of the costs incurred at the expense of regional or municipal budgets. The program envisages the installation of the elevators produced in Russia only and specified with high energy efficiency properties.

Source: www.tass.ru