Russia, Moscow, VDNH, Pavilion 75
01 October 2020

Russia and Belarus will jointly produce the elevatolr equipment

On September 28, a Memorandum of intentions for joint production of lift winches was signed in the video conference mode between the production association of LLC MLM Vozdukhotechnica (Moscow) and JSC Mogilevliftmash (Republic of Belarus)

On the Belarusian party the Memorandum was signed by Alexei Kazarin, Deputy Director General for Commercial Affairs, from the Russian party - Oleg Maksakov, Director General.

The project is strategically important for both parties, since it is a continuation of the import substitution policy based on the production cooperation of the enterprises of the two countries.

Production capacities of JSC Mogilevliftmash make 22–24 thousand winches per year, at the moment Mogilev plant produces 14 thousand winches as components of the elevator equipment. Implementation of this agreement will allow to upload the production capacities of Mogilev plant and the joint venture for 5–7 thousand winches additionally, it enables to fill the shortage of the Russian elevator market with equipment, which has long been supplied together with elevators of LLC MLM Vozdukhotechnica.

Source: NLS