Russia, Moscow, VDNH, Pavilion 55, 57
28 October 2020

Replacement of elevators needs the governmental support

The “Russian Elevator Association” brought an initiative to include into the national project “Housing and Urban Environment” the activities for governmental support to replacement of the elevator equipment with indication of the sources and amount of funding up 2025 inclusive.

The initiative was suggested by Sergey Chernyshev, the President of the Association, head of the Commission on Issues of the Elevator Equipment at an expanded meeting of the Public Council under the Ministry of Construction of Russia and Assembly of Regional Public Councils in the Areas of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation. The event, held in the Ministry of Construction of Russia in the video conference mode was devoted to the subject: "Housing and Utilities in Russia - New Opportunities".

In the framework of the expert group "Improving the Efficiency of Regional Overhaul Systems" Sergey Chernyshev made a presentation on the tools for acceleration the pace for replacement of the elevator equipment.

In his opinion, the following mechanisms will be helpful in acceleration of this process:

  • - updating of the regional overhaul programs;
  • - integration into one purchase of the development of design and cost-estimate documentation and performance of the works on replacement of elevators;
  • - long-term planning and contracting of the elevators replacement;
  • - application of the model for accelerated replacement of elevators by the payment installments for regional operators and/or special accounts;
  • - development and application of state, regional and municipal support measures.

Following the results of the subject-matter group there were developed the suggestions for elaboration of governmental tools for support to replacement of elevators in the framework of regional programs for overhaul in apartment buildings. The necessity for introduction of the appropriate measures into the national project “Housing and Urban Environment” is substantiated by social significance of this objective.

The suggestions of the “Russian Elevator Association” were presented at the plenary meeting to Vladimir Yakushev, the Minister of Construction and Housing, and Sergey Stepashin, the Chairman of the Public Council under Minister of Construction of Russia.

Let us remind, that following the amendment introduced by the initiative of the Government of the Russian Federation in December 2019 the Technical Regulation of the Customs Union “Safety of Elevators” the elevators with expired lifetime (25 years) should be replaced or decommissioned by February 15. 2025. In total, 140 thousand elevators are to be replaced by this date.

According to the materials: Russian Elevator Association